28 Oct

Know What You Can Afford Before You Buy


Posted by: Yvette Helwig

Before home buyers go shopping for a home, it is important to know what you can afford before you buy. It is becoming more common for home buyers to make an offer, get declined for the mortgage and the deal collapses. This is stressful for everyone involved, including the buyer, the seller and the realtor. Make it easier on yourself by understanding what you can afford and all your options first.

Always start by asking yourself “How much do I think I can reasonably afford to pay for my mortgage, taxes, strata and heating costs per month?” Then we can use that number and work backwards to see what you can afford within your budget. This approach can help to ensure that your monthly housing costs meet your means.

As a mortgage professional, we consider three things for mortgage approval, your credit history and score, your ability to make the mortgage payments (gross monthly income) and your monthly debt obligations (loans, credit cards, other mortgage payments, child support,etc). I also suggest buyers have a monthly amount in mind they feel comfortable paying for their mortgage, property taxes and strata fees. For example if your budget allows for $2,000 per month after we allow for $200 for property taxes each month and $300 for strata fees each month we have $1,500 per month left to cover the mortgage payment.

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26 Oct

My New Bullying Ends Here Family – DLC


Posted by: Yvette Helwig

Since the September Bullying Ends Here presentation in Whistler, BC, where I had the opportunity to personally meet so many of our Dominion Lending Centres family members, a lot has happened.
I am in daily contact with many of the DLC offices throughout the country who are all interested in planning fundraisers, community events and reaching out to their local schools to raise awareness for Bullying Ends Here.  Some offices are planning to have the program come to their area to share with their colleagues.  It seems that our connection has really spurred a lot of interest in recognizing that we truly can make a difference.  We can not only change lives, but SAVE them.

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